China demands the U.S. to stop slander and dispel obstacles on military ties

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According to recent reports, China on Thursday demanded United States to stop slandering and dispel obstacles on the improvement of the military ties which exist between them. According to China, this improvement would be aiming on the growing tensions currently growing over trade between the South China Sea and Taiwan. Nevertheless, U.S. President Donald Trump claims that at the moment China is meddling upcoming election which will be held in the U.S. On Wednesday, Trump in his statement accused the Chinese government of seeking interfering with the Nov. 6 U.S. congressional upcoming elections. Trump said that Beijing never wanted him or even his Republican Party scoop in doing very well since he has still his pugnacious on the stance on trade between Washington and China. The two countries however have already embroiled in what is seen as an acrimonious trade war which at the moment continues to butt the heads over lists of hypersensitive issues which include the ongoing disputed between South China Sea and the self-ruled counterpart’s country Taiwan, which at the moment is been supplied with military weapons by Washington but the countries is claimed by Beijing as its territory.


Whatsoever, On Saturday, China official summoned Beijing ambassador who is currently situated in the U.S. by telling him to order the postponing the joint military talks which was to be held between China and the U.S. so that the Chinese government could protest on Washington’s decision on the Chinese military agency sanction and more so the intervening of Washington in China’s its purchase of surface-to-air missile system and the new Russian fighter jets. Ren Guoqiang , spokesman in the Defence ministry yesterday said in a monthly briefing that China is undertaking steps to improve its military relations and that the United States should also take this steps too.  The Defence ministry spokesman said that improve the U. S. should stop expressing opposition to China’s firm over provocative U.S. air force over the Southern part of the China Sea, after this week, when U.S. B-52s flew through the vicinity of China’s waterway. More so in his closing statement he said that he is planning at one time to take a trip to visit United States before the end of this year though Wei Fenghe, Defence Minister was in doubt.