Millions of Iranian and Russian Troll Tweets released by Twitter

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A comprehensive data was released by Twitter on Wednesday from accounts that Russians and Iranians were using to influence the opinions of social media users in the US and other parts of the world. The data includes millions of tweets, GIFs and video photos. These will now be used by investigators to determine just how much Iran and IRA are able to manipulate the social media to meet their own goals. It will also help investigators determine how such activities can be stopped in the future.

It is true that Iran and Russia played a very important in influencing American politics. Both countries were able to influence the minds of American social media users than they could in other countries. Besides, it was determined that both countries have been very good in creating fake social media accounts and spreading fake but convincing information for a long time now.

Now that the information has been released and it is in the hands of investigators, the fight against misinformation has just started though intelligent experts doubt that this could end the two countries’ interference in the US politics.

Jeff Bardin, chief intelligence officer at cyber intelligence firm Treadstone 71 says that things might be a little normal but only for a short time and the smart Russians will be back to their old self again. Jeff is also an expert on social media-based threats and propaganda.

The millions of Tweets were first shared by Twitter to selected research groups such as Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab before they were made public.

With the US midterms coming up soon, it is becoming increasingly difficult to determine just how much Americans have been poisoned with all the propaganda going on in the social media platforms. Intelligent experts have no way of determining the extent of damage and what they can do to counter it on time.

It is a good thing that tech companies such as twitter, Google and Facebook have been working hard to close down troll accounts. The problem is that the more they close and remove foreign users from their networks, the harder these users work to find their way back.